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The Disability Studies Initiative at Emory is a working group generated across departments and schools that is dedicated to interdisciplinary research and teaching by faculty and students. The Initiative is led by a group of faculty and students who are interested in the social, cultural, historical, political, and legal dimensions of disability in our world. Our mission is to promote the growth and increase the profile of Disability Studies at Emory University.

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Benjamin Reiss

Congratulations to Emory DSI co-director Benjamin Reiss on the publication of his new book, Wild Nights: How Taming Sleep Created Our Restless World (Basic Books, 2017). Reiss uses literature, history, science, and psychology to explain how our society created rules and expectations for human sleep that seem to work for few and are thus in constant need of micro-management, medical attention, and pervasive worry.

Rosemarie Garland-Thomson

DSI founding director Rosemarie Garland-Thomson recently published the article, "My ‘Orphan Disease’ Has Given Me A New Family" as part of the New York Times series by and about people living with disabilities.

Rachel Kolb

English Ph.D. student Rachel Kolb recently published the article “Sensations of Sound: On Deafness and Music” as part of the New York Times series by and about people living with disabilities. A virtual reality film featuring Kolb and animations by British illustrator James Merry, who is also deaf, accompanies the article.